"A Faster, Smarter Way to IT Environment Integrity" webinar explores real-time self-healing config mgmt best practices


To kick off a new partnership between with leading Canadian service management firm Kifinti Solutions, Utopic Software plans to unveil its latest version of configuration management tool Persystent Suite at an exclusive webinar on May 7, 2014 at 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM EDT.

“A Faster, Smarter Way to IT Environment Integrity,” will showcase the speed and seamlessness of Utopic’s Persystent Suite 5.0. The configuration management solution is seen by Kifinti as a natural compliment to other products such as LANDesk and FrontRange HEAT.

According to Utopic, Persystent Suite not only improves the accuracy of patching and updating, but can control repair and recovery on or off the network.

“We believe Persystent can positively impact your IT landscape by seamlessly combining the power of real-time recovery, imaging, compliance, security, and migration,” said Kifiniti’s Paul Kelsey.

Those who register (HERE) will be given a free VIP pass to the upcoming Toronto Data Connectors conference on May 15 at the Hyatt Regency Toronto.

Join us for an educational 45 minutes; please register register

“Kifinti is an important part of our strategic success and we are very proud to count on them as not only as a partner, but a fellow evangelist of real-time service and configuration management,” said Utopic Software’s CEO Bob Whirley. “We look forward to a long and beneficial relationship as a business partner, a complimentary integrator, and an educator on key IT issues.”