New video provides roadmap to apply zero-touch and leverage modern technology for PC-as-a-Service


Utopic presentation discusses the keys to unlocking the necessary automations to facilitate PCaaS (workspace transformation) best practices

TAMPA, FL— September 12, 2017 — For many the concept of PC-as-a-Service is just a nebulous buzzword, but Utopic Software, in partnership with technology solution provider Zones, released a video presentation discussing the merits, step-by-step instructions and return on investment for this end-to-end workspace transformation.

The 9-minute presentation,"Workplace Transformation: An IT perspective of delivering continuous value through automation," is a recreation of a Zones-led discussion on transitioning to a best-practice zero-touch approach for continuously maintaining PCs across a diverse enterprise. It is currently viewable on the Utopic YouTube channel as well as the company website.

"We want to present a cogent explanation of this next generation concept on how organizations can use automation towards a predictable, precise, and repeatable PC lifecycle," said Bob Whirley, CEO of Utopic Software.

The video touches upon into such topics as the current 70/30 split of legacy and SaaS with which most companies contend, the integration of system configuration management, MDM (mobile device management), EMM (Enterprise mobility management) and OS migration.

The zero-touch approach using Utopic's flagship lifecycle management solution Persystent Suite shows that it can reduce the number of budget cycles needed to achieve true PCaaS and best manage the continuous updating of multiple platforms.

A second video, ,"Persystent Use Cases and ROI," also available on the YouTube Channel, dives deeper into the ROI of Persystent and addresses the multiple use cases relevant to PCaaS (reducing support cost through self-healing, automated zero-touch imaging, increasing patch rate success, and improved disaster recover). The video also includes a full demonstration of the solution performing self-healing from a catastrophic failure (ransomware) in less than a minute.

Persystent Suite continues to redefine traditional lifecycle management products with its proprietary and unique ability to automatically self-heal poorly performing PCs, maintain desired images, sanitize hard drives when necessary, and ensure continuous compute availability. Persystent's wide array of integrated capabilities and technological differences make a qualitative and measurable impact for multiple industries and companies of various sizes and scopes.

For more information about Persystent Suite 6.0 automation capabilities such as self-healing, zero-touch, in-place migration, wipe and load migration, increase patch/update success rates, and reduce support costs attributed to hard drive failures and employee attrition, you can schedule a live demo on the Utopic Software website (