Utopic unveils, releases Persystent 5.35


Persystent Suite improves continuous availability with new updates and features in version 5.35

TAMPA, FL— Sep. 1, 2016 — In our commitment towards continuous improvement of our solutions, Utopic is delighted to announce its latest release of Persystent Suite (now 5.35). This release realizes several new customer-suggested additions and a series of technical improvements intended to promote automations and emphasize Persystent's self-healing capabilities.

Utopic, a leader in imaging, repair and configuration management solutions, upgraded the Persystent Suite client installation interface with newly added features:

  • A completely silent inherit process removes the requirement of end user-interaction or notification
  • Automatically creates a new snapshot once the inherit process is complete; eliminates manual scheduling of repair points using WebUI or Notifier
  • New progress bar monitors repair point creation, base image installation, and self-healing restoration to provide real-time notification
  • Added option to specify group when registering a machine ; this eliminates manual steps when moving a device from one group to another once the agent is installed.

Additionally, Persystent made several other notable improvements:

  • Resolved booting issue when upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 10
  • Ensured inherit process continues (if interrupted or fails) where it previously left off.
  • Retention of individual machine software collection and hardware inventory if inherit process fails
  • Inherit process now logs maximum available shrink space to promote immediate visibility.
  • Collection of volume inventory now compiles information about all partitions and not just mounted partitions on a device.

All existing customers will be able to upgrade their existing version at no cost.

"We don't typically announce a mid-series version, but the new features like the automatic repair point scheduling and progress bar make this version a bit special," said Dhaval Patel, Utopic's lead engineer and Persystent's original designer, "We listened to customer needs and adapted the solution to expand its ongoing value."

Persystent Suite continues to redefine traditional imaging, and configuration management products with its proprietary and unique ability to automatically self-heal poorly performing PCs, maintain desired images, sanitize hard drives when necessary, and ensure continuous compute availability. Persystent's wide array of integrated capabilities and technological differences make a qualitative and measurable impact for multiple industries and companies of various sizes and scopes.