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Utopic's Persystent Suite is a dynamic multi-function solution that dramatically improves the compute availability/end-user productivity and system lifecycles of PCs. It does this on several fronts including the unique ability to promptly and thoroughly "self heal" PCs (by applying automated corrective action against unauthorized changes), deploy zero-touch bare metal imaging, promote compliance-mandated security through DOD-recommended drive wipe/sanitization (NIST 800-88), and control the fast and accurate means to deploy authorized changes such as system/application updates and patches.

We identified several overarching benefits that will provide meaningful and impactful advantages to your IT environment:

  • SELF-HEALING: Automatic corrective action prevents unauthorized changes
  • PC-AS-A-SERVICE:Streamlines key aspects of your PC lifecycle through automations
  • CENTRAL CONTROL: Maintains ideal state for entire enterprise
  • REDUCED SUPPORT COSTS: Automatic break/fix through reboot to ideal state solves more than 34% of all inbound calls
  • STREAMLINE CHANGES: Reduce downtime by 80%, increase patch success by 90%
  • SECURE DATA WIPE: Fulfils compliance (NIST 800-88 and DoD standards) related to data control
  • REMOVING MALWARE: Aiding help desks repair & recover against viruses, botnets, ransomware and malware breaches
  • INCREASED SECURITY: Supports multiple SANS critical controls which serve as basis for PCI, HIPAA


Support desk is the front lines in keeping end users up and running. The phone rings non-stop with issues big and small revealing hair-on-fire emergencies or tedious time-consuming routine. Many of the resource draining calls are those that involve break fix issues. "My computer is running slow/acting funny," "Application X won't load/failed," "I think my PC has a virus" "My machine froze," or a baker's dozen of other common issues that derail user productivity and require some degree of troubleshooting, intervention and escalation. Persystent's self healing capabilities allow help deak to get out of fire-fighting mode and focus on higher value priorities.

  • Simplifies the repair and recovery process.
  • Resolve user issues in seconds (near real-time)
  • Pivot to a Fix first, troubleshoot later strategy
  • Avoid re-imaging, and "Day Zero" rollbacks


For the System Administrator imaging is a key function of enabling that the right person has the right assets to perform their duties. It starts with an approved/desired image that includes the right access and functionality using the proper policies for their PC. A new hire comes on board; a new device is purchased; the organization is migrating to a new operating system; the latest patch is available; a new or updated application is added to the landscape-- it's not simply turn it on and go. It requires a properly configured and distributed image. Persystent' imaging capabilities are faster than anything currently on the market.

  • Provides a centralized control, easily repeatable fast process
  • Faster, more accurate imaging saves time, eliminates redundancy
  • NIST 800-88 compliant device drive wipe
  • Provides increased centralized visibility into the change process


Two issues typically dominate the IT Directors time...ensuring the ongoing integrity of the organization's computing landscape and implementing the vision of how it needs to achieve its business goals. The first is about maintaining control over the a variety of technology points and the latter is ensuring it has the assets (time, budget, resources) to execute the strategies. This means she/he is concerned with everything from compliance to security to change management to usage agendas to user access to device stability to maintaining systems and services. It's a big job that requires the ability to find automations, integrations and complimentary solutions to maximize effort. Persystent Suites contains several indispensible functions and benefits in a single solution that supports multiple key strategies.

  • Gets your IT support team out of the "reimaging business
  • Maintains the continuous reliability by reducing on-site tech visits, operational downtime
  • Eliminate shadow IT fiefdoms, rogue/unsanctioned deployments
  • Do more with less


There are several issue that keep CTO/CIOs up at night. From fighting the quickening obsolescence of their infrastructure while maintaining secure, stable and scalable systems; to balancing available human and technology resources that ensure maximum integrity, productivity, agility, and integration. And, accomplish it all with one eye on budget and the other on operational success. One solution won't make CTO/CIO nightmares go away, however Persystent Suite's versatility, proven real-world application and affordability remove some of the barriers and layers of complexity to make the digital landscape more manageable, predictable and durable.

  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership
  • Generate Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Aligning strategic goals with end user needs
  • Assessing and mitigating risk

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