Solving the challenges of compliance

You're already a statistic. The question is how to respond?


Managing compliance:

Regulatory bodies such as PCI/DSS, HIPAA, SOX (Sarbanes Oxley), Basel II, FERC, FISMA, GLBA and dozens of others all require competencies Persystent easily, affordably, and seamlessly supports. We can:

  • Demonstrate control over infrastructure
  • Automate change management process
  • Manage configurations and password settings in real-time to ensure systems don't drift from desired states
  • Impose minimum baselines on or off the network without manual intervention
  • Maintain integrity of applications, files and registry
  • Reduce vulnerabilities through transaction anomaly prevention-not just report, but fix issues
  • Enforce granular access policies and detect privilege violations

One of the substantial drains of time and energy go into the process of maintaining compliance and reporting to various regulatory bodies that your IT environment meets their exacting standards.

Persystent significantly reduces the compliance burden by automatically recognizing and reverting changes in registry, application configuration and other system setting settings when they fall outside the pre-defined “desired ideal state.” Instead of simply red-flagging issues for an engineer to discover later the system applies prescribed steps (based on your unique policies) to revert configuration changes back to a safe and controlled status. This proprietary “self-healing” technology consistently keeps monitored systems in compliance. And more importantly, you retain the necessary control to keep your IT environment operating at optimum efficiency.

With so many factors that can upset the compliance balance, the ability to capably manage the state of your entire enterprise is not just a best practice, but a “must do” to ensure security and guarantee a stable and productive work environment. Automation allows you to re-prioritize and reinvest your operational assets away from resource-draining manual tasks and focus on brokering business needs and promoting core competencies.

How Utopic solves compliance with config management

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