Centralized Configuration Control

When the only IT constant is change


Improving visibility, availability, reliability and performance:

  • Maintains the standardized ideal state from which to manage, track and record change across the enterprise
  • Reduces operational costs and optimizes personnel productivity
  • Enhanced system reliability through quick detection and correction of improper configurations that could negatively impact performance.
  • Make rapid changes, enforce consistency of systems, applications and devices
  • Automates repetitive tasks, quickly deploys critical applications, and proactively manage infrastructure
  • Eliminates silos of data, function and heterogeneous implementations; especially for organizations beholden to compliance

More than 60% of IT issues are caused by configuration problems, according to leading industry analyst firm Enterprise Management Associates

From an operational perspective, centralization offers a more cohesive standard and unified vision for an organization. Beyond the obvious benefits such as the elimination of redundant functions, and the cost savings related to economies of scale, the most mission critical aspect of centralization is that of IT asset control. With centralized configuration management, the ability to apply and control authorized versions of applications, get new users devices operational in minutes (regardless of location) or self-correct intentional or unintentional changes addresses security, productivity, compliance objectives.

Administratively, central configuration creates end-to-end transparency and supports stronger policy management. Complex policies built onto unique ideal state images, allow an organization to provide the appropriate privileges and platform access based on business need. This is not just a risk mitigation and compliance benefit, but one of organizational efficiency.

As your computing needs continuously evolve (new technologies, new users, legacy assets updating/retiring, etc…), you must assert centralized control or run the risk of developing shadow IT fiefdoms, rogue/unsanctioned deployments and potentially open the floodgates to a variety of competing computing agendas and compliance problems. Utopic's Persystent family of solutions not only provide greater control over your entire IT landscape but remove the resource-draining manual intervention for proactive, preventative, and operational processes and that allow costs to spiral and issues to go unresolved in a timely manner.

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