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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Does the product / solution provide any level of self-heal capabilities to end user devices?

    We support PCs that are running Windows Platforms XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 (and 8.1) and Windows 10. We also support all Window Server Platforms.

  • Does the solution require an agent to be installed on the end user devices?

    Yes, the agent needs to be installed on end user devices and is about the size of a print driver..

  • Which operating systems flavors and architectures are supported by the solution?

    Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and Windows 10. We also support all Window Server Platforms.

  • Does the solution support virtual/vdi based end points?

    We support virtual end points as long as they have local hard drives and we extend the functionality of all virtual vendors by controlling file, registry, services and processes.

  • Does the solution have the capability of resolving post boot up OS issues?

    Persystent doesn't require a healthy OS and we are pre-boot of the OS. The self-healing functionality occurs pre-boot and post boot of the OS.

  • Does the solution have the capability of resolving pre boot up OS issues?

    Persystent doesn't require a healthy OS and we are pre-boot of the OS. The self-healing functionality occurs pre-boot and post boot of the OS.

  • Does the solution works on encrypted hard drives, where encryption is done either by Bit locker or any other 3rd party encryption tool?

    Persystent has supported encrypted hard drives from various vendors for a few years.

  • Does the solution provide out of box fixes for general IT issues in an enterprise environment?

    Persystent is a completely automated solution. The solution leverages very comprehensive automated schedules to perform its tasks from the initial set up and capturing the first image to repairing out of compliance systems.

  • Does the solution allow client administrators to create custom fixes for unique issues to their environments?

    Persystent has a few levels of repair and additional ad hoc repairs can be deployed by using our filters. The client administrators can manage and configure the systems to work the way they want on or off the network.

  • What are the recommended network, storage, CPU and memory requirements for end users devices?

    Persystent has thousands of deployments. Our web based management console can have several tiers with role based access assigned. Persystent doesn’t require a high performing network; we have 10,000 agents running across an ISDN network with less than 1% of the CPU. The storage requirements are based upon the number of devices and the number of different images. Again, Persystent has innovative technology for storage efficiencies, with our single file repository feature only one copy of any one file is stored on the network and most customers operate the Persystent Management Console on a virtual platform.

  • What are the add’l minimum set of features (other than Self Heal) that are provided with the solution?

    Persystent Suite provides the fastest imaging technology on the market. We also can migrate systems from XP to Windows 7 or 8 on the LAN or WAN. We provide inventory management and compliance reporting for all systems that have our agent deployed.

  • What are the software / service / policy dependencies for the solution to work in an enterprise environment? (Example, solution requires WMI or Remote Registry to be enabled)

    The system must have a Windows supported operating system installed with .Net Framework 3.5.

  • What are the post solution deployment support options? Please provide details in terms of updates, upgrades, incident support, change supervision, etc.

    The annual subscription includes maintenance updates, upgrades and 7/24 technical support. We typically have 6 maintenance releases and 1 major upgrade during the year.

  • Does the solution involve training support to customer's tool administrators? Please share details

    We provide many levels of training, web-based classes, onsite instructor led classes, and online computer based training. A typical enterprise partner will require 3 days of instructor led training in order to administer the environment. Should our Partner require Train the Trainer type training to enable the Partner to deliver customer training we would recommend another 2 days of instructor led training.

  • Is the solution available on the public cloud based subscription model? If yes please share details. We currently have 10,000 systems being managed through the AWS cloud and we can support other Cloud based deployments through Azure. If there is another Cloud option we are confident that our solution can fully support your Cloud requirements.

  • Does the service account for the DB connection need to be a local or domain account?

    The service account would be the domain account. This way we can have access to the databases from Persystent Server.

  • What DB rights are required for the DB service account?

    We just need to give rights to Persystent databases so that it can read/write to the database. You can make the DB service account db Owner of both Persystent databases

  • Are there any other service accounts required for the application?

    There are no other service accounts required for the application.

  • What internet access is required by this server? Our web filtering is strict, and we'll need to make allowances if this is a hard requirement.

    The server does not require internet access. We will need to download Persystent Suite install from our FTP site. We can do this on one of your other computers and then move it to the Persystent Server for install.

  • Is this supported for windows server 2012 R2 or must it be 2012?

    Server R2 is supported as well.

  • Is Deployment Services and PXE setup a hard requirement? Does the imaging component have a local boot media option? Is this required to eval the repair piece?

    PXE is not a hard requirement. You can use CD/DVD/USB to boot in to Persystent. This is used for imaging and disaster recovery like hard drive failure. Repair does not require PXE or external boot media. You won’t need this for evaluation.

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