Better risk management, better control, better ROI


Created wide and deep for Financial Services Organizations:

In the banking, insurance and investment industries, improper stewardship of data and IT stability can be a source of major operational risks, which directly translate into financial losses. It's more than security or compliance (but does need both). It's the fundamental stability of being able to control and maintain the ideal state for servers, desktop and mobile devices. Persystent has proven time and again that with it's financial clients that it can increase resource availability, improve security, and expand on-demand-business to increase competitive advantages for its financiall clients. And do so affordably and with significant ROI:

  • Reduce costs and increase productivity
  • Report and audit on compliance regulations (via multi-level policies configuration)
  • Automate manual application updates and taking corrective action for misconfigurations
  • Manage configurations and password settings in real-time to ensure systems don't drift from desired states
  • Reduce business downtime and increase application/resource/service availability
  • Maintain integrity of applications, files and registry

Utopic automatically corrects root cause by reverting unauthorized changes rather than allowing unintended or erroneous misconfigurations to affect the operations. Our policy-driven automated configuration management use cases are as follows:

Configurable registry and file level real-time repair

Unauthorized attempts to make registry or file changes to compliant systems result in reversion of the attempted changes automatically - ensuring continued compliance - whether the systems is on or off the network.

Enforce the running state of services and processes

Unauthorized changes, vulnerabilities, zero-day attacks and other malicious attacks often take advantage of systems at a process or service level whether they are attempting to install code, or enable/disable services, but with Utopic the services and processes will stay in their desired state on or off the network and the malicious process can be black-listed to prevent it from running

Through policies, you can log, report and audit unauthorized changes to the registry, files, services and processes

Any monitored change to a system can be tracked through logging to ensure compliance

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