Maintaining the highest standards of configuration and IT control for public agencies


Effective, compliant and budget-friendly:

From your local library, to the state DMV through National Security agencies, public entities are under great pressure to efficiently control the IT environment and ensuring safe services to citizens and specialized constituents.

  • Public agencies are routine targets for hackers which require a fast, automatic neutralizing solution.
  • High volume, multiple users on single device make maintaining ideal state a necessity for security.
  • Meet Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) compliance by controlling configuration and change management.
  • Enforce system configuration state on or off the network without any manual intervention.
  • Focus on the chief goal of the Security Technical Information Guide (STIG):"response and recovery."
  • Reduce TCO on each device (including reduced operations overhead) by making updates and patches simpler to apply/distribute.

Government organizations face many challenges but none more important than protecting and providing services to citizens - from national security related challenges, to cyber security challenges, to the administration of public entitlements. These challenges are compounded by the tough economic times and which are making the budget processes tighter than ever before with the goals focused on controlling cost to the tax payers. It doesn't stop here, complexity and volume of Regulatory mandates and requirements are putting significant amounts of pressures on the agencies.

For example, consider libraries. These municipal agencies not only have a substantial online presence that require certain access and security functions, but often have hundreds of computers (across their library system) that are used by many different people throughout the day without much oversight. The ability to prevent any systemic changes or return the device back to an ideal state right after the user logs out is not just a best practice, but a necessary configuration and compliance control.

Utopic Software for Government is an automated configuration and compliance management solution that automatically corrects root cause problems by reverting unauthorized changes rather than allowing unintended or erroneous misconfigurations to affect the operations. Our policy-driven automated configuration management use cases are as follows;

Configurable registry and file level real-time repair: Unauthorized attempts to make registry or file changes to STIG-compliant systems result in reversion of the attempted changes automatically - ensuring continued STIG compliance - whether the systems is on or off the network.

Enforce the running state of services and processes Unauthorized changes, vulnerabilities, zero-day attacks and other malicious attacks often take advantage of systems at a process or service level whether they are attempting to install code, or enable/disable services, but with Utopic the services and processes will stay in their desired state on or off the network and the malicious process can be black-listed to prevent it from running.

Log, report and audit unauthorized changes to the registry, files, services and processes Any monitored change to a system can be tracked through logging to ensure STIG compliance.


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