Ensuring more than the well-being of each patient


Protecting assets, sensitive data and reducing IT expenditures:

Technology has transformed healthcare. It provides significant leaps in diagnostics and treatment. It facilitates access a wealth of relevant knowledge about the previous and immediate well-being of a patientónot to mention their personal and financial information. It also creates a significant challenge to ensure the safeguarding, privacy and security of all that data; as well as the necessity to ensure the devices and operating systems consistently work at their peak.

Itís not simply a matter of compliance with regulatory bodies such as HIPAA, but healthcare professionals and administrators depend on these tools to

  • Prevent unauthorized changes or intrusion against sensitive and private patient data.
  • Reset data assessing and collecting devices to an ideal state prior to next patient application is a security requisite.
  • Meet HIPAA, HITECH compliance by controlling configuration and change management.
  • Enforce system configuration state on or off the network without any manual intervention.
  • Provide disaster recovery and application "criticality" on an enterprise scale for devices and network as per HIPAA ß164.308(a)(7)(ii)(B)
  • Reduce TCO on each device (including reduced operations overhead) by making updates and patches simpler to apply/distribute.

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Healthcare organizations are in the midst of implementing or upgrading their Electronic Medical Record Applications which is placing a heavy burden on IT budgets. According to the Healthcare Information and Management System Society (HIMSS) the challenges are more than just implementing but having to deal with the integration complexities as these applications are touching every part of the IT infrastructure.

Similar to other organizations, Healthcare organizations are faced with cost reduction and improving the quality of service. So the question becomes how they can deliver improved patient care, security of information to affiliates, and meeting the requirements set forth in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Utopic Software can help Healthcare organizations automate IT to improve the quality of patient care, and assist with ensuring compliance to meet HIPAA requirements.

Reduce Support Costs automate and enforce the configuration settings of Electronic Medical Record Applications allowing IT Staff to increase productivity on mission critical systems.

Report and Audit on Compliance Regulations automate and enforce medical assets to ensure devices stay at a desired state and provide reporting and auditing to conform with compliance mandates such as HIPAA.

Increase Productivity: Aautomate the application update process to enforce controls with the change and configuration management process with the EMR applications

Utopic automatically corrects root cause by reverting unauthorized changes rather than allowing unintended or erroneous misconfigurations to affect the operations. Our policy-driven automated configuration management use cases are as follows; Configurable registry and file level real-time repair Unauthorized attempts to make registry or file changes to HIPAA-compliant systems result in reversion of the attempted changes automatically - ensuring continued HIPAA compliance - whether the systems is on or off the network Enforce the running state of services and processes Unauthorized changes, vulnerabilities, zero-day attacks and other malicious attacks often take advantage of systems at a process or service level whether they are attempting to install code, or enable/disable services, but with Utopic the services and processes will stay in their desired state on or off the network and the malicious process can be black-listed to prevent it from running Through policies, you can log, report and audit unauthorized changes to the registry, files, services and processes Any monitored change to a system can be tracked through logging to ensure HIPAA compliance .

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