Putting out help desk fires

Get users back up and running in seconds, no matter the break/fix issue


Automatic (self-healing) repair and recovery:

  • Self-heal malware-infected or otherwise inoperable systems in 45 seconds with simple reboot
  • Corrective action against OS properties only-doesn't affect user data, honors NFTS
  • Automatically prevents or resolves the majority of issues that lead to either degraded performance or outage
  • Works autonomously whether PC is on or off the network
  • Applies ideal image during pre-boot process (after BIOS load) and supports BitLocker encryption
  • Update images on your schedule; when new snapshot of image is applied, only what has changed is adjusted
  • Single file repository: saves only one version of an application for the enterprise
  • Multiple levels of repair: high/medium/low- company can categorize or choose a la carte what to repair on a system.
  • Includes DoD-standard secure wipe functionality.
  • Prevents issues rising from corruption, user carelessness, disabling BITS and external breaches

The phone rings. Jerry from sales explains his machine is "acting funny and has no idea what is wrong..."

Implementing Persystent Suite (self-healing) your support desk can efficiently and effectively address:

  • System won’t boot or power up
  • System blue or black screen
  • System is performing slow>
  • Application not responding
  • Operating system corruption
  • Security failure such as malware or virus
  • Employee turnover requiring a re-image
  • Configuration issues such as drivers, registry, services, process, or windows related
  • Any occurrence where the PC requires a re-image due to troubleshooting delays or identifying root cause
  • Failed patch or update requiring a roll back

Normally, any of these would require the long burdensome and invasive process of reimaging but-- or worse, a complete replacement.

Persystent Suite removes these issues without manual intervention. Through a single reboot of the device (takes about 45 seconds!), Persystent reapplies the approved version of the image. This happens whether the machine is on or off the network.

Persystent Suite allows support and help desk personnel to get the user back to producrivity within seconds. Just a simple on-demand reboot of the system! After the incident, Persystent creates log reports that allow support desk to discover and prevent root causes. It virtually eliminates the need to re-image a PC.


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