Solving IT challenges not typically encountered in corporate settings

Universities, colleges, and schools confront a unique set of issues:

  • Manage multiple images for multiple computer labs applying multiple curricula
  • Support many under-supervised, self-serve multi-user PCs such as kiosks, libraries
  • Maintain re-applicable homogenous compute environment for classrooms including curricula-supporting apps
  • Control "loaner" PCs provided to students, guests


HOWEVER, education IT also carries similar burdens of any organization:.

  • Ensure integrity and availability of all PC assets
  • Support regulatory compliance and daily business needs
  • Provide cost-effective help desk and ongoing PC support
  • Like retail, maintain PC-based POS (point of sale) devices.
  • Administrate and secure the IT environment


Persystent's distinctive array of integrated capabilities and proprietary technological differences make a QUALITATIVE, ECONOMIC and MEASUREABLE IMPACT for schools, colleges, universities, administrative districts, vocational training organizations, and other institutions of various size and scope.

  • Manage multiple images for multiple labs: Every department, every classroom, every course has unique needs and parameters requiring a unique applied ideal image. Many require a reset from class to class, and when considering the continuous need to patch and update each device, the burden grows exponentially. Persystent provides a centralized and simple way to identify individual devices and seamlessly reset them for next use. A new image can apply quickly and easily on a subsequent PXE re-boot ”and depending on your policies, can automatically reapply any variety of images.

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  • Maintain the integrity of multi-user PCs Because most of these independent PCs are under-supervised, they're often open to a variety of abuses including the introduction of unauthorized downloads and files, malware, and other activities that are outside of school usage policies. These abuses often lead to catastrophic hard drive failure, potentially spread virus infections and require intensive repairs. However, IT can schedule that these devices are rebooted daily (applying Persystent's self-healing capability) and automatically returned to their complaint, desired state.

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  • Provide a central solution to achieve imaging and recovery: No longer must institutions invest in two or three point solutions with niche features. Persystent successfully consolidates repair (automated self-healing), imaging, and device wipe in a single comprehensive suite. Not only does Persystent Suite's budget friendliness look good on the school's balance sheet, but simply outperforms market options many school's current deploy; does it faster, more accurately, with more automations, without over-complexity, and does it in alignment with current IT best practices.

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  • Support regulatory compliance: Maintaining a state of compliance is key to certain funding sources as well as ensuring various accreditation mandates and operational best practices. The continuous pressure on educational organizations to effectively control network and other digital assets extends beyond preventing intrusion and data theft. To that end, institutions are subject to rigorous oversight . Each school must continuously show certain governance and risk competencies towards maintaining a litany of requirements. Persystent's proven ability to manage assets, control configuration and change management, enforce granular policies and report in real time is a significant component of an effective and ongoing compliance program.

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  • Reduce on-site visits The re-imaging process often requires a site visit to individually restore a device. Because labs can be spread across a campus or situated in satellite locations, the sheer scope of managing an active program impacts productivity, drains budgets, and too often forces reassessment of IT priorities. Persystent can remotely re-image 1 or 1,000 machines in just minutes ”without leaving the office and assuring the ideal state is maintained.

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