Expanding your portfolio with superior solutions and a reliable, responsive partner


Utopic provides a wealth of opportunity for your organization:

  • Channel driven: We believe that our partnerships are the lifeblood of our company.
  • 20% margins for most product sales... greater margins earned through our deal registration program.
  • Partners control all professional services: We're in the software business; you're in the service business.
  • No cherry picking leads We distribute qualified leads to you. We sell with and through our partners... it's your lead and we always respect that.
  • Adding system value for industry segments
  • Sales and technical support We provide more than sales spec sheet... we offer you the necessary training to instruct and educate in the value of the Persystent family of solutions.

Solutions you recommend must perform flawlessly, AND meet specific goals for your clients.

We appreciate that!! That's why Utopic's Persystent Suite offers unique integration of proprietary imaging, repair and recovery functions effectively and affordably addresses those key values on an enterprise scale features. Your clients have business critical requirements to ensure the continuous performance of its assets plus the security of applications and other IP. So adding Persystent to your portfolio is a strong way to expand your wallet share, provide significant differentiation... and solve their biggest issues.

Who needs our solutions?

Our ability to more effectively control the ongoing stability and continuity of workstations and servers fulfills a pressing need for any enterprise. We recognize the market for this triple threat approach is vast especially for companies that

  • Want to enhance security the state by repairing potential issues in real-time
  • Need to automate help desk and significantly reduce runaway service costs.
  • Must maintain the integrity of their assets for compliance.
  • Are interested in extending life-cycle viability performance of IT investments

Our family of solutions supports a variety of strategic approaches including:

  • Security & Compliance: We provide a complementary way to integrate with traditional security solutions to minimize security threats and maintain maintenance.
  • Configuration Management: Persystent outperforms traditional imaging and recovery products and is often more affordable.
  • MSP Break Fix Management: Implementing an automatic, self-healing process augments help desk effectiveness by reducing expensive, resource-draining manual tasks like desk-side visits for corrective action, patch applications and repeat repairs. It's about speed. (70% better performance than other commercially available tools!)

Still not convinced?

Our live demo will showcase the value for you and your clients.

Partnership Levels:

Utopic Authorized Partner

Utopic Software technology partners add value by enabling the desktop and server automation offerings to effectively manage wide ranges of devices or offer new or improved functionality to customers. At Utopic, we understand and appreciate the key role that our channel partners play in our mutual success. We are wholly committed to providing you with the very best security solutions backed by dedicated and responsive sales and support teams to accelerate your business growth. Our approach to the Channel Edge® Partner Program is based on specific feedback from our partners and customers. We are always open to input from our partners and are committed to treating partnership in the truest sense of the word. This program includes value added resellers (VARS), system integrators, consultants, referral partners and other sales organizations.

Managed Service Provider (MSP) Partners

Utopic's Managed Service Provider (MSP) program gives partners the ultimate flexibility in the deployment of products and services. It includes various tiers of discounts and partner licenses. By bundling Utopic's Persystent solutions into a partner's existing value-added services, MSPs enhance their status as trusted advisor and enable customer needs such as enterprise control over help desk issues, compliance, and security and PC/server automation. And, you maintain administrative control over partner branding, licensing, reporting, billing, and pricing.

OEM Partners

We provide the opportunity for forward-looking technology organizations to embed configuration and compliance management into existing solutions or create standalone security service offerings. We proactively team with industry-leading hardware and software companies to optimize selected technologies with the Persystent family of solutions. Utopic and its partners are committed to providing end-customers with high quality designs that help them bring differentiated products to the market faster and with less risk.