PCaaS: PC-as-a-Service Workspace Transformation

Streamlining end-to-end Digital Transformation for effective PC Lifecycle Management


Automate and migrate towards a predictable, precise, and repeatable lifecycle

To keep pace with evolving workspace transformation goals, companies face challenges to adjust strategic processes and manage infrastructure changes which directly impact the ability to increase profitability and gain a competitive advantage by reducing time to market, minimizing the complexity of change management and limiting support costs.

Persystent's dynamic multi-function feature-set dramatically improves your compute availability, end user productivity and promotes the transformation to a PC as a service model for greater life cycle control without having to forklift or overhaul your existing infrastructure.

  • Zero-touch imaging and deployment/Windows 10 migration
  • Continuous self-healing (automatic and on-demand) against performance degradation, unsanctioned change, misconfiguration, user carelessness, etc...
  • Update and maintain ideal images with new patches, authorized changes distributed via automations
  • PCRefresh to modernize and automate ineffective or outdated processes, processes, policies and tools
  • Automating disaster recovery
  • Integration with SCCM/and ITSM solutions including LANDesk (now Ivanti), Tivoli, ServiceNow, BMC, etc...
  • Secure device wipe upon retirement/reallocation

Automating the stages of your lifecycle

With so many moving parts to oversee and maintain, the ability to seamlessly apply automations to the complex aspects of the PC lifecycle removes layers of manual intervention, and allows IT to focus resources in pursuit of business goals

Deploy, configure and integrate.

Eliminate hours and all the inconsistencies when applying manual labor to ensure a PC is user ready and policy compliant. Persystent's zero-touch imaging capabilities automates many of the key tasks including:

Rather than hours, a machine can be ready in minutes. When dealing with a volume turnaround of dozens of machines per day, the time savings and fine-tuned repeatable accuracy make a significant ROI.

Manage and support

A large part (and therefore a major cost center) of the day-to-day management of the compute environment is the service desk. The phone rings with a variety of issues revealing hair-on-fire emergencies or tedious time-consuming routine. Instead of spending considerable time recreating the issue, diagnosing, testing, fixing and re-deploying, Persystent's automated corrective action (self-healing) transforms the repair and recovery process:

  • Get users back up and running in under a minute
  • On-demand reboot of the affected PC, returns the device back to the last known desired state--with the data, applications and profiles intact.
  • Works similarly for simple break/fix issues, misconfiguration or catastrophic failure
  • Reduce help desk incidents/speed resolution times by more than 75%
  • Provide necessary post-incident data for reporting
  • Manage multiple images based on your own policies across the enterprise
  • Refocus the IT culture to a fix first/analyze later strategy.
  • LEARN MORE about self-healing

Optimize and refresh

Whether it's a patch, application update or authorized system upgrade, it falls upon IT to ensure the compute environment is optimized, compliant and secure. This requires a means to update the OS and each individual device under your control to adapt to your rapidly changing landscape and business needs: Persystent allows you an easy means to evolve with the introduction of new technologies, compute adjustments, infrastructure growth/ contraction, and adapt to best practices..
  • Eliminate manual reset on each individual PC
  • Update the golden image, test on single image and on scheduled reboot seamlessly distribute image across the identified user PCs
  • Fast optimization because it only adds/removes the changes from the last approved snapshot
  • Schedule updates and distribution on your time table
  • Purge redundancy via single file repository - not storing 1000 version of the same application
  • File-level processing, (not sector-based) means user-specific data, settings and profiles are safe during an snapshot update.
  • LEARN MORE about change management

End of Life/Reassignment

As new devices become available, the older ones must be retired, returned to the leasing entity or reassigned. Regardless, compliance dictates that the hard drives of the devices must be completely and securely wiped before their next destination.
  • Sanitize a 256GB device sanitized in less than 40 minutes: (about 10 seconds per gigabyte.)
  • Comply with DoD, NIST 800-88 industry standards and DoD guidelines
  • Data erased by Persystent cannot be recovered with any existing technology.
  • LEARN MORE about secure device wipe

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