Protect server integrity

Respond, don't just report with real-time recovery via corrective action


Utopic’s Persystent State Manager provides the industry’s fastest, automated end-to-end protection solution that allows you to gain greater control over your entire IT landscape and ensure an ideal state 24/7/365.:

When the only constant on your server is change…Persystent State Manager

  • Applies changes to services, process, files, apps and registry levels based on your parameters.
  • Avoid un-authorized changes to your systems.
  • Manages and protects the deployment of updates and patches across the enterprise.
  • Promotes visibility and control of virtual and physical assets throughout the organization.
  • Automatically preserves workflow.
  • Reduces operational costs by automating manual platform configuration tasks.
  • Leverages PowerShell scripting to implement policies.
  • Works autonomously across the environment, whether or not the systems are network connected

With every patch, update, app configuration and maintenance run, the spectre of change threatens your IT landscape’s ideal state. Of course, not all change is bad, but the need to control your infrastructure is the foundation of maintaining efficiencies, security and enabling business needs and innovation.

Persystent State Manager provides the strategic and tactical advantage for gaining and preserving workflow, application modifications, server stability, and system continuity. And, it achieves this without costly manual intervention.

Traditional tools are good at identifying issues, but State Manager reports AND responds in real time...automatically. It fixes the problem, not logs it for later discovery:

  • REAL TIME ALERTS: What dll is running, modifed exe
  • REAL TIME RECOVERY: Registry, processes, apps, files
  • REPORTING: What has changed? What’s been repaired?

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