Enforce device control

Protect against malware proliferation and internal data theft


Utopic’s Persystent USB Manager is a scalable management and policy enforcement utility that prevents various devices from connecting to any computer across your enterprise via USB ports. As one of the most common ways to spread malware, introduce unsanctioned programs or download unauthorized proprietary information, the USB connection is a common and ubiquitous tool users don’t necessarily realize may damage or compromise the IT infrastructure.

To minimize the risk YOU must enforce policies allowing only certain connections under controlled or monitored conditions. Persystent’s USB Manager offers you the trans-enterprise visibility as to what’s being “plugged” and the control over whether it is permitted access.

Centrally manage security policies regarding the use of removable devices/media with Persystent USB Manager:

  • Provides visibility into who is using what devices on which endpoints.
  • Controls how these devices are being used to ensure only legitimate business use.
  • Limits the amount of data that can be transferred.
  • Granular permissions allow the creation of control groups, devices and individual users.
  • Provides forensics and reporting needed to demonstrate compliance.
  • Applies write-protection on the USB Disks so viruses can't copy itself onto other disks, devices.
  • Deploys agents on each machine to monitor usage, permissions.

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