Improve compute availability, end-user productivity and PC system lifecycles

Self-Heal. Image. Secure Wipe.

Under the banners of repair/recovery, imaging and disk sanitization, Persystent Suite achieves several key IT goals including:

  • Automate PC recovery (self-healing)
  • Control approved ideal state management
  • Facilitate faster imaging
  • Manage and maintain configurations
  • Support compliance and policy enforcement
  • Increase patch/update distribution success
  • Reinforce security protocols
  • Manage disaster recovery programs
  • Securely retire/recycle/reassign PC devices
  • Support of Windows 10 (and 7, 8, 8.1 and XP)

That tells you "what" Persystent does, but let's share the benefits and use cases to give you a deeper sense of why and how Utopic's solutions will work for you. From a high level, the solution has a proven track record of:

  • Reducing service calls and on-site tech visits
  • Reducing repeat instances/promoting root cause discovery
  • Restoring/maintaining compute integrity
  • Improving end-user availability/productivity/satisfaction
  • Speeding case resolution times
  • Eliminating the need to consistently re-image PCs
  • Stabilizing configuration management
  • Promoting a more secure environment
  • Streamlining change management
  • ...and more

It’s all too easy to put Persystent offerings in a bucket. They image. They repair. They recover. IT looks at these functions as simply administrative or configuration management. Yes, the family of Persystent products achieves these goals faster, easier and more comprehensively than market alternatives, BUT their enterprise application and overall value is certainly more than a list of features. Persystent Suite does the work of 3 different solutions; does it faster, more accurately, without over-complexity, and does it in alignment with current IT best practices. Persystent Suites's wide array of integrated capabilities and proprietary technological differences make a qualitative and measurable impact for multiple industries and companies of various sizes and scopes. As an investment, it provides all those enterprise-powered capabilities as a single source solution at a price point typically less than a single function alternative currently on the market.

Our unique value is simple

  • Manage the state of every, and any, device (including servers) within your enterprise.
  • Automatically revert ("self-healing") unauthorized changesto registry, processes, services, apps, and files that might put a PC, server or system at risk.
  • Imaging, repair AND recovery in a single solution that is faster and more responsive than any comparable alternative.
  • • Efficiently apply patches, updates or operating system migrations across a network with less disruption.
  • Automated ongoing control without costly manual intervention and lengthy downtime.


Most similar enterprise solutions take a “snapshot” of an entire device. If an IT department is responsible for 5000 devices, that’s 5000 copies of Windows and other commonly distributed applications. This creates a large, unmanageable library of images that require a huge amount of space to store. The time and resource to maintain this process is oppressive and needlessly expensive. Not only do these configurations need to be updated individually (even with custom scripts), but because of all the variables, updates often fail and require manual intervention.

Persystent removes that burden through its innovative single file repository. Now a system admin need only keep 1 copy of Windows (or any other commonly shared application). Now updates need only be tested on a single instance rather than 5000 with countless permutations.

Unique configurations are easily managed as Persystent only pushes changes and variations based on corporate policies. For instance, accounting machines require an ERP application, sales needs CRM and HR needs performance management software. The single version of Windows is pushed to the individual device along with the changes to the permitted application. It’s what makes Persystent infinitely faster, more accurate and easier to manage.


Persystent uses a Windows-based PE boot engine. That means we can easily and seamlessly leverage every piece of firmware that interfaces with a PC. By using a UEFI base, we avoid the problems with BIOS. Those boot-up alternatives tied to BIO have to consider the countless variations of associated drivers. And, there are often multiple versions of associated drivers for the same manufacturer. It just becomes a tangle of custom scripting to get it all straight. Having all these variations makes boot up even slower and adds hours and degrees of difficulty to the simplest update. Persystent streamlines to process by keeping the process engine consistent with Windows (including all the most recent updates to the Microsoft environment.


Persystent’s flexible architecture does not require an image to be “unfrozen” before it can be updated. This removes a considerable amount of time to the update, patch and/or reimage process while still maintaining ideal state integrity. We take an image prior to the update. Once the update is successful and test, we take a new “snapshot” of the updated image with the new change. That now becomes the current ideal state. And this can be automated though Windows Update Service or comparable tools.


One of the major areas of distinction against other tools is the speed in which Persystent operates. Recent installations confirm Persystent can consistently and repeatedly image an entire system with a solid state drive(40 GB end point, SSD drive) in under 200 seconds. Tested head to head against other options, Persystent Suite completes a round trip 8 minutes for a rotating drive (7200 RPM). That’s 75% faster than anything on the market. It also works autonomously whether a PC is on or off a network. Persystent’s speed is simply unprecedented.