Repairs and restores any compromised, mis-configured or poorly performing PC in seconds


As a help desk professional, what can you do in 45 seconds? Not much, but now you can restore a corrupted PC and bring it back to its last known desired state.

Persystent's automated self-healing simplifies the restoration and recovery process. Persystent gets users back up and running in seconds without manual intervention. It effectively removes the need to re-image a PC. It quickly and effectively resolves:

  • Break/Fix issues
  • OS corruption including malware, mis-configuration, or application drift.
  • Degraded and poor PC performance
  • Unsanctioned changes like unauthorized downloads, user carelessness and changes to registry
  • Catastrophic hard drive failure

With a single reboot, Persystent returns any PC back to its last known desired less than a minute!

Persystent Suite seamlessly applies the last approved state of the OS. It is so simple and seamless, it gets users back up and running almost immediately, preserves the integrity of the device and effectively removes the need to re-image a machine.

  • Supports Windows 10 (and Windows 7 - 8.1, XP)
  • Compliments and integrates with ITSM/client management solutions likeLANDESK, SCCM, Dell Kace, and many others
  • Integrates with encryption and compression solutions
  • Stores up to 20 previous images for any device to use as an approved/desired healing point
  • Manage multiple images based on your own policies across the enterprise
  • Provides a web-based admin console to set policies, schedule tasks and updates

Self-healing maintains the availability and integrity of all PCs across the enterprise

Simplifies the repair and recovery process.

The self-healing process is simple. When a user calls with a break/fix issue, IT remotely activates an on-demand reboot (can also be done automatically when applicable). During the pre-boot process, right after BIOS loads, Persystent Suite applies the last known approved state. And, even if a system contains encryption and compression solutions (ie BitLocker, PGP, SafeGuard, etc..) Persystent Suite's proprietary integration concurrently accesses and loads the image with the all the appropriate security protocols. When the OS system finishes loading (in about 45 seconds), it is like the issue NEVER HAPPENED!

Return users to productivity in near real-time

The initial goal of any help desk interaction is to return the caller/user to productivity as fast as possible. Persystent's automated corrective action enables help desk to resolve issues considerably faster regardless of the level of OS corruption or break/fix status. Not only are the PCs up and running faster, but they are operating at optimum capacity for longer and based on your own usage policies and security protocols. Additionally, self-healing is not reliant on a network connection so it can work on or off the network and domain.

Reduce help desk incidents/speed resolution times

Many help desk incidents require reimaging as the inevitable resolution. Reimaging is a lengthy and tedious process. In most cases it takes a user's device out of commission for hours if not days. Without Persystent, the reimaging process typically rolls back to a Day Zero fresh start. This means data is lost, applications removed; authorized and personal settings gone. Self-healing gets IT out of the reimaging business. In fact, the proprietary automations can reduce overall help desk break/fix incidents up to 70%. And incorporating a self-healing strategy, a user is "down" for only minutes, their work is preserved and IT is not wasting time and budget resources.
  • Reduce inbound break/fix service calls by 34%
  • Reduce IT manual intervention by 75% or greater
  • Not self-service...a simple reboot to a desired image solves many issues with no service.

Multiple Levels of repair

Persystent Suites provides 3 basic levels of repair point control: High, Medium and Low. Based on requirements such as corporate policies, regulatory compliance, multi-user access and best practices Persystent's flexibility allows IT to apply specific levels to individual machines, defined user groups or entire environment. This gives IT the necessary control to save or delete certain files, folders and applications and maintain or remove certain profiles. In every case but the high setting, it’s not a zero-day rollback—user profiles and data are untouched. In each case, it returns the PC back to the last known desired state (based on the updated repair point).
  • Download our white paper on Multiple Levels of RepairHERE

  • Identify root causes

    After a on-demand or automated self-healing of the OS, the user is back up and running in near real-time. Persystent then automatically provides IT a detailed change report that details all the changes made to the desired state so IT can analyze, pinpoint the root causes that created the original break/fix situation. This approach creates more time to deal with higher value tasks and other serious issues. This report also satisfies many compliance requirements.

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