When the only IT constant is change

Meeting requirements, exceeding expectations and managing system lifecycles


Utopic offers an effective and comprehensive solution for many use cases to manage the complexity of a fluid and changing IT environment through recovery, repair, migration, backup and imaging:

  • Automate PC recovery: pre-boot recovery to restore a system back to the last known good/ideal state in near real-time.
  • Increase patch rate success take an automated “snapshot” to capture a new desired state once a patch is applied. Should a patch fail, roll system back to the last known desired state..
  • Remotely migrate a system: seamlessly save user profiles, settings, applications, privileges and then restore on a new operating system...from anywhere.
  • Restore configurations such as MS Office settings including mailboxes, signatures, ODBC settings and PST connections….even user’s choice of wallpaper.
  • Facilitate faster imaging across the enterprise From bare metal to fully functional workstation in minutes-- without a desk-side visit. We can prove what takes 6 hours can be done in less than 1!
  • Support compliance: automatically return a system to a compliant state; and provide the ability to report on repairs/changes. This demonstrates asset control and policy enforcement.
  • Manage disaster recovery: In the face of catastrophic failure, restore the system in a few minutes once the new hardware is installed.
  • USB control manage security policies regarding the use of removable devices.

Meeting Requirements: your list of MUST haves.

We know you’ve got a laundry list of key functionalities and baseline performance standards needed to keep your IT environment working at optimum levels. We also know you must be cautious with regard to budgets and personnel prioritization issues.

Utopic’s Persystent family of solutions exceeds technological needs and can provide significant ROI with regard to reducing on-site tech visits, operational downtime, service desk case resolution times, repeat instances and configuration management.

Persystent must (and does)

  • Enable pre -boot auto repair even if the operating system does not start.
  • Repair Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7 and Windows XP operating systems, registry, and application files.
  • Recover systems even if disconnected from the network, not logged into the domain, or online.
  • Automatically reboot the system or dynamically from the console when connected to the network.
  • Conduct file based imaging process and maintain single file repository to reduce the storage capacity.
  • Filter to exclude files from a recovery process.
  • Allow customization and unattended tasks to execute without manual/on-site intervention.
  • Run metrics on the targeted systems to ensure deployment of new operating system.
  • Provide web based central management console to allow users, based upon role, or credentials, to make changes to the system. And allocate ability to configure, schedule tasks, and report on the status of the environment.
  • Integrate with system and patch management solutions such as Microsoft SCCM and WSUS.
  • Support 32 and 64 bit architectures.
  • Deployable on virtual systems.
  • Report on files that have been repaired to avoid repeat incidents.
  • Image 1,000s of systems through a multi-cast approach.
  • Provide software and hardware inventory reporting.
  • Roll back to any of the 20 last known desired states.
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