Streamline and Control Changes Across the Enterprise

Success through automation


Simplify change management through automatic configuration control:

  • Reduce costs and downtime by 80%; files move in the background; push authorized changes on and offline
  • Simplify updates to new/current versions of key applications and support assets
  • Automatically coordinate migration to new and patched operating systems
  • Provides increased visibility and control into the change process
  • Imaging, recovery and repair across the internet; no deskside technician necessary
  • Automation enforces increases patching/updating success rate
  • Enforce IT change control and prevent unauthorized changes and shadow IT activities

The key to change management is that all the assets pull in the same direction. The ability to enforce these IT changes from a central point improves IT effectiveness through new efficiencies for the Administrator, the User and the Network.

With limited resources, the burden of meeting business priorities through IT support, department heads must find ways to reduce the hours and complexity of managing the variety of configurations across the enterprise. You can replace time-consuming, error-prone manual IT tasks with intelligent automation. You can be more proactive and even prevent IT service issues before they occur, increasing your service quality and efficiency.

From the standpoint of the Admin, automatic enforcement of an ideal state removes much of the burden from application distribution and updates, operating system migration, new remote user set up, and break/fix issues. The Admin simply sets the role policies, usage standards and sets the changes in motion. The enterprise-wide reach simply makes the changes on the userís next boot-up. The User, meanwhile, is assured of the latest version of needed applications and can self-serve if unauthorized usage issue is discovered. And, of course, a network benefits from a consistent compliant state, a reduction of issues requiring hands-on intervention, better visibility, and a more homogenous (and therefore streamline) system.

In a recent Gartner survey on IT strategy it was found that only 43% of technologyís true business potential is being exploited to give companies a competitive edge. This, Gartner says, canít continue, and if IT is to remain relevant in an increasingly digital world then there will have to be a substantial increase in this percentage. Go beyond the buzzwords and the flavors of the month and see how an automation strategy improves your productivity, vision-to-reality proposals and your bottom line. Hackers ve erprise.

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