Maintaining assets from the top down

Facilitating Workspace Transformation and leveraging updated “out of the box” deployment strategies


Workspace Transformation is forcing organizations to rethink their IT Operations strategies. To  align business requirements with this paradigm, companies are  implementing end-user computing automation software solutions.

Utopic understands the challenges of the modern IT enterprise and helps optimize your IT landscape and improve performance efficiencies towards workspace transformation:

  • PC Refresh Service
  • PC Image Process Optimization
  • PC Deployment and Software Delivery Process
  • PC Asset Management
  • Desktop Recovery
  • CMDB Integration
  • Maintenance of updates and patching
  • Internet Based Client Management
  • Software License Management
  • PC Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement
  • Staffing of the PC Life Cycle Process
  • Allocation and re-assignment
  • Retirement: Data Cleansing/Secure disc wipe

Our strategy is simple. We assess your needs and work with you to implement an achievable course of action using the best tools and the most proficient people. We leave behind a repeatable and documented process to meet and exceed organizational goals.

Applying zero-touch as the agent of progress
Replace outdated tools and processes
With the movement towards SaaS, cloud, PaaS, MDM PCaaS, organizations need an efficient means to transform infrastructure including nearly 80% legacy applications and processes. Often, a lengthy and expensive forklift is necessary. Applying a depth of knowledge with intelligent automating processes, Utopic helps companies overcome the cost, speed and complexity challenges associated with change, configuration, compliance, management of servers, desktops, mobile devices, cloud and virtualized environments. One of biggest challenges facing IT departments today is keeping current. Not only with today’s understanding of the technology landscape, but recognizing the immediate and impending organizational needs–and how to best support that vision “tomorrow.” Utopic leverages a long-standing expertise in imaging, process automation and best practices to provide an end-to-end PC Refresh service that bridges the technology challenges, current strategic initiatives and future IT consumption models. This allows a smoother transition and promotes continuous evolution of the compute landscape as need dictates.
Easier, more efficient  migrations, refreshes
Evolution of intelligent infrastructure starts with automation
The goal of your IT department is to maintain the infrastructure so that the revenue-generating mechanisms can succeed and thrive. Utopic’s automation prowess cuts through the complexity of various transformation projects like PC OS migration to Windows 10, refreshing legacy PCs, and upgrading change configuration patch management processes from twelve (12) to two (2) cycles per year. Additionally zero-touch automations improve compute availability, ensure policy enforcement, address compliance issues, improve asset performance and create a measurable Total Economic Impact (TCO+ROI) for the entire IT landscape.

    Our professional expertise extends across several disciplines, solutions and experience. We can help with just about any challenge. We can help you define and develop solutions to automate several aspects of your business including (but not limited to):

    • Infrastructure automation frameworks
    • Configuration and change management
    • Operational optimization
    • Modifications to 3rd party integration
    • Cloud management
    • Security and compliance
    • Network automation


    Need Utopic to help with the strategic and tactical UEM initative?
    There are simply not enough hours in the day to realize your best practice vision of a multi-faceted, self-reliant IT environment AND deal with the daily fires, user emergencies, administrative rigors and resource-diverting directives. Utopic offers a full spectrum of services and expertise that support life-cycle best practices. Utopic’s packaged services


    • We’ll design it
    • We’ll build it
    • We’ll automate it
    • We’ll customize and modify it
    • We’ll integrate it
    • We’ll make sure it fulfills the business need and achieves your goals<

    Delivering on the promise of Unified End Point Management