SecOps: The backbone of compliance

Maintaining compliance control over the infrastructure and adapting to threats

Despite all the tools, the bad guys still find a way to get in and create havoc.

You’re already a statistic–from ransomware to data leakage or worse. SecOps is already a challenge and regulatory bodies such as PCI/DSS, HIPAA, GLBA, and dozens of others all require compliance competencies that add compounded resource burdens. Persystent supports a real-time capacity to repair and contain a breach, eliminate extended downtime trace root-cause analysis and:

  • Demonstrate control over infrastructure
  • Remediate security failures such as malware, breach or virus
  • Automate change management process
  • Impose minimum baselines on or off the network without manual intervention
  • Maintain integrity of applications, files and registry
  • Enforce granular access policies and detect privilege violations
  • Automate enforcement standards
  • Provide report transparency
  • Supports multiple SANS critical controls (the basis for several compliance bodies)
Response to operational threat intelligence
Reduce vulnerabilities through transaction anomaly prevention-not just report, but fix issues
Persystent significantly reduces the compliance burden by automatically recognizing and reverting changes in registry, application configuration and other system settings when they fall outside the pre-defined “desired ideal state.” Instead of simply red-flagging issues for an engineer to discover later, the system applies prescribed steps (based on your unique policies) to revert configuration changes back to a safe and controlled status. In support of SecOp protocols, initiating some sort of automated repair/recovery program seems to be a progressive alternative growing in acceptance and popularity. If you can’t keep up with every threat potentially violating your network, the next step is to neutralize it by automatically purging it from your system. This is achieved through the continuous maintenance and reapplication of an ideal state. This happens in a single reboot of the PC.
Automation provides continuous integrity
Hackers don’t sleep, so why should your security?
The modern enterprise is a fluid entity. As an IT construct, it expands and contracts (sometimes simultaneously), and many of the moving parts (like users and applications) are themselves evolving and changing. This creates unique challenges in operational efficiencies, core competency support, compliance observance and risk management. Persystent enables key security features that are not only compliance requirements, but keep the operating environment running smooth over the course of the lifecycle. Over half of all network intrusions occur due to compromised user credentials and attackers (on average) which reside within the network 146 days before breach detection. Organizations must have solutions that automate the enforcement of standards as well as remediate PC vulnerabilities. Persystent isn’t meant to replace your investments in security tools, but rather provide a means of control change and configurations. It promotes remediation form any situation that deviates from your ideal norm.


With so many factors that can upset the compliance balance, the ability to capably manage the state of your entire infrastructure is not just a best practice, but a “must do” to ensure security and guarantee a stable and productive work environment. Automation allows you to re-prioritize and reinvest your operational assets away from resource-draining manual tasks and focus on brokering business needs and promoting core competencies.