The agent of automated workspace transformation realizes multiple key functions, one comprehensive suite

Persystent Suite delivers significant and meaningful ROI as a dynamic and disruptive multi-function solution which dramatically improves the compute availability/end-user productivity and system lifecycles of PCs. It does the work of several different solutions; does it faster, more accurately, without over-complexity, and does it in alignment with current IT best practices.

It focuses its proprietary automations across 4 lifecycle stages:

Zero-Touch Imaging streamlines creation, deployment
Self-healing and ensuring compute availability
Rather than an hour or more, a machine can be user-ready in minutes. When dealing with a volume turnaround of dozens of machines per day, the time savings, fine-tuned repeatable accuracy and thin-image standard reduce build administration costs. Persystent Suite streamlines your bare-metal creation, refresh, and OS upgrade initiatives, because the imaging and installation processes are zero-touch and completely automated –whether it’s one PC or an entire fleet:

  • Thin-image build
  • In-line encryption with BitLocker during the file-based image process
  • Automates administrative tasks such as change computer name and join domain
  • Independent hardware build process, injecting drivers no matter what make and model
  • Application deployment post image build process
  • Security and other compliance and access policies
  • Integration with ITSM/ITIL, etc.
With a single reboot of the PC, Persystent Suite’s automated self-healing process seamlessly applies the last known state–even if disconnected from the network. The innovative, and simple process can be on-demand, scheduled, conducted through the command line interface, or on every reboot. Persystent gets end-users back up and running in 45 seconds, preserves the OS, files and applications and the user data is excluded. The near-real-time process eliminates the need to re-image a computer.

  • Automatically restores PCs to its last known desired state.
  • Multiple levels of repair to remediate even the most sophisticated forms of malware
  • Resolves break/fix issues in seconds: promotes fix first, troubleshoot later strategy
  • The file-based analytic reporting identifies root-cause to avoid repeat cases
  • Works on Windows PCs and servers
  • Automates the recovery process back to the last known desired state rather than day-zero state
When the only constant is change
Compliant re-purposing, attrition or end-of-life processes
There’s always a new application, new OS version, an update, a patch or a variety of other sanctioned or desired changes that affect a base image. Persystent optimizes change management. Once an image is deployed, you manage and automatically distribute authorized updates on your schedule. It simply takes a new snapshot of the updated state and seamlessly applies only the changes. The image is successfully applied on the next reboot.

  • Manages and maintains configurations of individuals, groups, or entire fleet
  • Increases patch/update distribution success with minimal disruption
  • Manage disaster recovery protocols
  • Centralized web-based admin console sets policies, schedules tasks and updates
When retired or recycled, hard disks still contain sensitive information, Persystent quickly and seamlessly erases data and sanitizes the drive. Simple deletion or partitioning will not suffice. Companies must take action that will leave no trace of the previous image on a device. It “wipes” a 256GB device in less than 40 minutes: about 10 sec/GB.

  • Renders any drive across the enterprise unreadable and can’t be recovered be any current technology
  • Replaces targeted data is with zeroes to ensure permanent removal
  • Aligns with regulatory and DoD and NIST 800-88 compliance mandates
  • Remote wipe; disables OS viability of lost or stolen PCs


Persystent Suite incorporates automations to facilitate control and change of the optimized state, operates as an agent of end-to-end digital transformation (PCaaS) and provides the means to streamline previously manual processes to make them predictable, precise and repeatable. Persystent pays off in several ways:

    • Improves end-user experience during the workspace transformation process
    • Automations drive down the time, cost of troubleshooting/ongoing maintenance
    • Promotes re-prioritization of higher value tasks which help drive revenue
    • Eliminates burdensome and time-draining re-imaging processes
    • Reduces repeat instances/promotes root cause discovery
    • Improves success rate of change and configuration processes
    • Streamlines provisioning and management of MDM solutions
    • During OS Migrations or PC Refresh, Persystent provides an affordable alternative to legacy “forklifts”. The zero-touch automation facilitates success and provides TCO. This includes upgrades to:

– Active Directory GPO updates,
– Integration with EMM and ITSM providers
– Changes to encryption, anti-virus

  • Streamlines and facilitates the application deployment process
  • Consolidates enterprise entire refresh process into 18 months rather than 4 or 5 years; saving time and money associated with managing multiple platforms and through newly gained efficiencies
  • Increases end-user productivity and application availability
  • Reduces hardware acquisition and build costs while minimizing manual process and deployment costs
  • Persystent’s Total Economic Impact (TCO and ROI) is demonstrable…ask us for an assessment!


Persystent Suite simplifies the restoration and recovery process without manual intervention

Persystent Suite provides feature-rich, enterprise-powered capabilities as a single centralized source solution (repair/recovery, imaging, change management, drive sanitization) at a price point typically less than a single function alternative currently on the market.

  • Automatically self-heals a compromised, misconfigured or poorly performing PC in 45 seconds
  • A simple reboot, seamlessly applies last known desired state through our proprietary self-healing process
  • Maximizes compute availability and eliminates re-imaging!
  • Works pre-boot of the OS–even if disconnected from the network or the domain.
  • Zero-touch, automated file-based imaging process is, by far, the fastest on the market
  • Increase patch/update distribution success rate
  • Support compliance and policy enforcement on or off the network
  • Includes NIST 800-88 compliant device wipe
  • Manage and automates disaster recovery process; even a failed hard drive
  • Supports Window10


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