Persystent Suite

Powerful workspace transformation and IT device management automation drives multiple key enterprise functions in just one comprehensive suite

Persystent Suite delivers significant and meaningful ROI as a dynamic and disruptive multi-function solution that keeps your machines and user devices running smoothly. Easily manage 10k+ devices faster and more accurately, without over-complicating things. It’s time to get in alignment with current IT best practices.

Persystent Suite focuses its proprietary automations across 4 lifecycle stages:

Build, Deploy & Integrate

Rather than an hour or more, a machine can be user-ready in minutes. When dealing with a volume turnaround of dozens of machines per day, the time savings, fine-tuned repeatable accuracy and thin-image standard reduce build administration costs. Persystent Suite streamlines your bare-metal creation, refresh, and OS upgrade initiatives, because the imaging and installation processes are zero-touch and completely automated –whether it’s one PC or an entire fleet:

Manage, Audit & Remediate

The initial goal of any help desk interaction is to return the caller/user to productivity as fast as possible. Persystent’s automated corrective action enables help desk to resolve issues considerably faster regardless of the level of OS corruption or break/fix status. Not only are the PCs up and running faster, but they are operating at optimal capacity for longer.

Optimize, Configure & Refresh

Based on requirements such as corporate policies, regulatory compliance, multi-user access and best practices Persystent’s flexibility allows IT to apply specific levels to individual machines, defined user groups or the entire environment. This gives IT the necessary control to save or delete certain files, folders and applications. It allows you to maintain or remove certain profiles and settings.

Retirement/ Re-assignment

After a on-demand or automated self-healing of the OS, the user is back up and running in near real-time. Persystent then automatically provides IT a detailed change report that notes all the changes made to the desired state so IT can analyze and pinpoint the root causes that created the original break/fix situation.

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How beging persystent pays off:

Persystent Suite incorporates automations to facilitate control and change of the optimized state, replaces an entire team of personal IT agents for complete end-to-end workspace transformation (PCaaS) and provides the means to streamline previously manual processes to make them predictable, precise and repeatable.

How beging persystent pays off:

Persystent Suite simplifies the restoration and recovery process without manual intervention

Persystent Suite provides feature-rich, enterprise-powered capabilities as a single centralized source solution (repair/recovery, imaging, change management, drive sanitization) at a price point typically less than a single function alternative currently on the market.
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