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7 Ways to Improve Workspace Transformation Initiatives through Automation

  • This paper addresses the strategies and benefits for multiple areas which are affected by automations. It provides Total Cost of Ownership and Return on Investment statistics that define measurable improvement through various automation use cases…..MORE

Why Persystent Matters: Multiple and Multi-Faceted Use Cases

  • How Persystent Suite manages the complexity of a fluid and changing IT environment through recovery, repair, migration,and imaging….MORE

PCaaS: Delivering continuous value throughout the PC lifecycle by applying automation

  • To keep pace with evolving workspace transformation goals, companies face challenges to adjust strategic processes and manage infrastructure changes which directly impact the ability to increase profitability and gain a competitive advantage by minimizing the complexity of change management and limiting support costs ….MORE

If Anti-Virus is dead, then what?: How configuration automation fills the vulnerability gap

  • Configuration tools may not be a traditional security solution, but as an automated component in a larger initiative, enables key security features………MORE

10 IT wins Persystent Suite achieves for your School

  • Educational institutions face unique IT challenges that derive from servicing the diverse IT needs of faculty, staff and students.These include under-supervised multi-user PCs in places like kiosks and libraries, the need to regulate and restore classroom computer labs…MORE

Becoming a Trusted Advisor: Helping your clients prevent unforeseen expenses

  • The difference between an expert and a trusted advisor comes down to a single attribute: an expert provides good answers. A trusted advisor asks good questions…….MORE