The phone rings. Jerry from sales explains his PC is “acting funny and has no idea what is wrong…”

Typically IT support spends a great deal of time troubleshooting, recreating symptoms and researching similar incidents only to re-image the PC or some other time-draining fix. However, implementing Persystent Suite (self-healing) your support desk can get users back up and running in about 45 seconds. In a single reboot of the PC, Persystent can repair any break/fix issue in near real-time including:

Resolving break/fix issues quickly

With a simple on-demand reboot of the PC, Persystent gets users back up and running in seconds without manual intervention. It eliminates labor intensive fixes and re-imaging. It does this using a proprietary corrective technology that works pre-boot of the OS. It quickly and effectively resolves break/fix issues, OS corruption including malware, misconfiguration, or application drift.
The initial goal of any help desk interaction is to return users to productivity quickly. Persystent enables help desk to resolve issues considerably faster regardless of the corruption or break/fix status. Additionally, self-healing is not reliant on a network connection so it can work on or off the network. Our capability can be remotely activated by the help desk.

Significantly reduce resolution times

Integrates with sccm or itsm/itil

Persystent is not an either/or solution. It leverages existing investments such as ITSM, SCCM and other client management tools. Whereas these solutions may provide features to achieve unified end-point management and configuration control, Persystent injects lifecycle automations to make these initiatives more efficient and effective. It also integrates with WSUS
Since the user is back up and running almost immediately (as if the problem never happened), help desk can review log files generated by the reporting feature and analyze the root causes that created the original break/fix situation. This approach creates more time to deal with higher value tasks and other serious issues.

Fix first, troubleshoot later

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As a help desk professional, what can you do in 45 seconds? Not much, but now you can restore a corrupted PC and bring it back to its last known desired state.

Persystent’s automated self-healing simplifies the restoration and recovery process. Persystent gets users back up and running in seconds without manual intervention. It effectively removes the need to re-image a PC.

“Persystent’s self-healing has saved my bacon dozens of times. But more importantly it has eliminated the burden of re-imaging PCs and reduced my break/fix issues by more than 40%.”

Persystent Suite seamlessly applies the last approved state of the OS. It is so simple and seamless, it gets users back up and running almost immediately, preserves the integrity of the device and effectively removes the need to re-image a machine.
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