Innovation to improve performance, anticipate challenges and
constantly adapt to the transformative nature of technology
OS Migration/Patching/OS & App updates/Life Cycle
“Single Pane of Glass”:
MDM/VDI/SaaS/Legacy Applications
Driving down TCO via control of change and configuration: Whether creating a thin-base image for a new machine or updating/refreshing the many devices under management with an optimized version, amended policy, or even an updated Operating System, Persystent Suite Zero-touch imaging capabilities provides a proven and automated thin image process to reduce time, eliminate manual scripting mistakes, ensure standard operating environments and align with organizational best practices. Sustaining the endpoint ecosystem: As organizations focus more on cloud-based provisioning and deployments, a unified mobility strategy reduces operating expenses. Persystent bridges the technology gap by increasing availability through automated processes. This provides an efficient and positive end-user experience while applying the needed applications and security to increase productivity. This includes seamless and automated OS migrations and future upgrades to the compute platform.


Reactive to Proactive:
Self Service/Break-Fix/Reduce dependency on offshore contracts/CAPEX to OPEX
Remediation/Policy Management/Access Control/In-line Encryption/Audit & Reporting
Automated corrective action speeds break/fix resolution, keeps PCs optimized: The primary goal of any help desk interaction is to return the caller/user to productivity as fast as possible. Persystent’s automated corrective action enables you to resolve issues considerably faster regardless of the level of OS corruption, configuration drift or break/fix status. Persystent is complimentary with SCCM and WSUS…and integrates your chosen ITSM/ITIL system. If desired, it can also function independently. Operational threat intelligence and remediation: Neutralizing malware and purging it from your system in real-time is an important element of a layered security initiative. Persystent automations remove all instances of potential threats by reverting back to your compliant, ideal image (on-demand or scheduled repair) in a single reboot. Persystent repairs any unsanctioned activity, eliminates extended downtime and provides analytical reporting to trace root-causes.


Persystent Suite is a dynamic and disruptive multi-function solution that dramatically improves the compute availability/end-user productivity and system life cycles of PCs. It is a life cycle management solution that incorporates automations to facilitate control and change of the optimized state, operates as an agent of end-to-end digital transformation (PCaaS) and provides the means to streamline previously manual processes and make them predictable, precise and repeatable. Persystent Suite does the work of multiple solutions contained in a single interoperable suite; does it faster, more accurately, without over-complexity, and conforms with current IT best practices. It significantly lowers TOTAL COST OF OWNERSHIP (TCO) and provides measurable RETURN ON INVESTMENT (ROI) creating a net gain in your IT department’s TOTAL ECONOMIC IMPACT by:

  • Reducing service calls and on-site tech visits
  • Reducing repeat instances/promoting root cause discovery
  • Restoring/maintaining compute integrity
  • Improving end-user availability/productivity/satisfaction
  • Speeding case resolution times
  • Eliminating the need to consistently re-image PCs
  • Stabilizing change and configuration management
  • Promoting a more secure environment
  • Streamlining failed hard drive disaster recovery process

WORKSPACE TRANSFORMATION: Optimize, personalize and operationalize:


Control ongoing PC/server stability, integrity and consistency As a help desk professional, what can you do in 45 seconds? Complete and compliant erasure for asset retirement
Zero Touch using Persystent Suite streamlines your image creation, update or deployment because the processes are fully automated, file-based and fast. It creates and manages an ideal-state using proprietary automations and maintains finely-tuned and user-ready assets. With Persystent Suite, you can restore a corrupted or poorly performing PC and bring it back to its last known desired state, Automated self-healing simplifies the restoration and recovery process and gets your users back up and running in seconds…without manual intervention. Whether retired, recycled or re-allocated, hard disks still often contain live or sensitive information. Persystent’s DoD and NIST 800-88 compliant capabilities quickly and seamlessly erase data hiding in proverbial hidden corners. It readies the device for the next or last stage of its life cycle.


Minimizing Impact, Maximizing Resources in coordinated OS transitions Optimizing and extending the PC Life Cycle Quickly rebound from failed hard drives and catastrophic failure
When it’s time to migrate to Windows 10, Persystent automations create efficiencies to streamline the process and ensure its done right. Our unique service addresses each phase of migration and update from testing readiness to deployment and efficiently creates a production ready PC. PC Refresh is an opportunity to homogenize, modernize and implement evolving business requirements, but also optimize the means to achieve those goals. Persystent bridges the technology challenges, current strategic initiatives and future IT consumption models. Our unique automations allow you to recover from worst case scenarios in about 15 minutes. Persystent applies the last known snapshot on a new or fresh hard drive and gets affected devices back to up and running like nothing even happened.


An effective, comprehensive and cost-effective solution is relevant in many use cases. Persystent provides unique value in a number of scenarios and business models
As education organizations face a unique set of challenges from multi-user PCs, labs, classrooms and libraries, Persystent helps maintain PC availability and productivity across campus and across diverse compute agendas. On top of that, they also confront the same issues that challenge businesses. Public agencies from your local municipality to various agencies to first responders or companies contracted with government bodies are under great pressure to efficiently control their IT environment and effectively ensure service availability…and do so in a budget-friendly way. In the banking, mortgage, insurance and investment industries, improper stewardship of data and IT stability can be a source of major operational risks, which directly translate into financial losses. Persystent not only provides the immediate remediation of issues, but adjusts strategic processes which directly impact the bottom line.
Technology has transformed healthcare. It provides significant leaps in diagnostics and treatment and facilitates access to a wealth of relevant knowledge. It also creates a significant challenge to ensure its continuous integrity. Persystent helps maintain application “criticality” on an enterprise scale for devices and network per HIPAA §164.308(a)(7)(ii)(B). Support and Service desks are the front lines in keeping end-users up and running. Persystent’s self-healing gets users back up and running in seconds, no matter the break/fix issue. Our automations remove the burden of constant repair, reimaging, troubleshooting, and desk side visits so that their time and efforts are spent on higher value tasks. The ultimate compliment for a MSP is that they are a trusted advisor. As they are the stewards of client infrastructure and agents of workspace transformation, Persystent provides the necessary life cycle management automations to allow MSPs to effectively manage the complex technologies that drive innovation for their clients.