Automate the lifecycle

Persystent Suite delivers significant and meaningful ROI as the agent of workspace transformation. It saves time, resources, and budget via proprietary automations for the entire PC lifecycle. It achieves IT’s most important goal: maintain the continuous integrity and productivity of the PC environment; and do so effectively and cost-efficiently. The central principle of this transformation: automation. The PCaaS transformation path includes:

The pillars of pc-as- a-service

PC-as-a-Service provides the essential agility to support your evolving operational model. Applying Persystent as the means of transformation, IT departments can more reliably implement PCaaS with the automations which make lifecycle management easier, and improve integration and interoperability. Specifically, Persystent’s innovative automations directly promote or improve:

Build, deploy, configure & integrate

Eliminate hours and all the inconsistencies when applying manual labor to ensure a PC is user ready and policy compliant. Persystent Suite streamlines your creation, refresh or OS upgrade initiatives, because the imaging and installation processes are fully automated –whether for one PC or an entire fleet. And, it enables consistency across the entire infrastructure. Persystent’s zero-touch imaging capabilities automate many key tasks including:
Rather than hours, a machine can be ready in minutes. When dealing with a volume turnaround of dozens of machines per day, the time savings and fine-tuned repeatable accuracy make a significant ROI.

Manage, audit & remediate

A large part (and therefore a major cost center) of the day-to-day management of the compute environment is the service desk. The phone rings with a variety of issues revealing hair-on-fire emergencies or tedious time-consuming routine. Instead of spending considerable time recreating the issue, diagnosing, testing, fixing and re-deploying, Persystent’s automated corrective action (self-healing) transforms the repair and recovery process:

Optimize, configure & refresh

Whether it’s a patch, application update or authorized system upgrade, it falls upon IT to ensure the compute environment is optimized, compliant and secure. This requires a means to update the OS and each individual device under your control to adapt to your rapidly changing landscape and business needs. Persystent allows you an easy means to evolve with the introduction of new technologies, compute adjustments, infrastructure growth/contraction, and adapt to best practices.
Simple deletion or partitioning won’t suffice. Companies must take action that leave no trace of the previous image on a device. Persystent’s erasure capabilities meets compliance for regulatory agencies such as PCI/DSS, HIPAA, Sarbanes Oxley, Basel II, FERC, FISMA, GLBA and others

End of life/ re-assignment

As new devices become available, the older ones must be retired, returned to the leasing entity or reassigned. Regardless, compliance dictates that device hard drives must be completely and securely wiped before their next destination.

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Automating the stages of your lifecycle.

With so many moving parts to oversee and maintain, the ability to seamlessly apply automations to the complex aspects of the PC lifecycle removes layers of manual intervention, and allows IT to focus resources in pursuit of business goals:

“The ability to digitally re-imagine the business is determined, in large part, by a clear, digital strategy supported by leaders who foster a culture able to change and invent the new”

MIT Sloan Management Review
Persystent’s unique zero touch and self-healing capabilities allow you to manage and control the entire PC lifecycle. It’s the catalyst to ensure successful end-to-end digital transformation. It produces a competitive advantage by reducing time to market, minimizing the complexity of change management and limiting support costs.”
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