Persystent Adds Application Deployment Feature to Newest Version of the Suite

ST PETERSBURG, FL— May 29, 2018 —As more companies embrace workspace transformation as a means to enable end-user computing (EUC) initiatives or unified end-point management (UEM), Utopic Software’s flagship solution Persystent Suite™ unveiled a new transformation support feature to fundamentally simplify the delivery of applications across the enterprise.

Persystent innovative technology

The software deployment capability leverages Persystent’s innovative “zero-touch” technology to deploy any application reliably and consistently from one common framework. It allows IT to pre-configure the software and install, update or remove applications automatically on-demand, during the client-build process or post imaging. The feature supports the installation of multiple configurations which can be distributed against various groups and based on unique corporate rules.

The new feature adds to the Persystent Suite™ existing feature set which enables and promotes workspace transformation through automated self-healing, zero-touch imaging, secure device wipe and OS migration/upgrade.

The IT landscape is continuously transforming, and companies must adapt in order to modernize and maximize the life-cycle of the PC fleet.

Utopic CEO Bob Whirley
The feature, part of the Persystent Suite™ version 6.2 upgrade, also includes a task scheduling component to provide administrators the flexibility to choose the best time for installations. It offers pre and post installation scripts, active reporting, application history and supports MSI, EXE, Batch or PowerShell scripts. Additionally, it supports various deployment strategies including Recreate, Ramped, Blue/Green, Canary and A/B testing, and Shadow.

Automation is the key ingredient. It allows you to create a precise, predictable and repeatable process– especially considering the complexity of change and the “interconnectedness” of the contemporary infrastructure.”

Utopic CEO Bob Whirley
He added that the automations significantly reduce the time to create a user ready device, eliminates manual, error-prone processes and the automated zero-touch element ensures continuous compute availability. Persystent Suite™ stands out as an agent of workspace transformation in that all of the features, now including software deployment are provided as a single solution. There is no other alternative on the market that bundles all the necessary components. The new version of Persystent Suite™ is currently available. Existing customers may contact Utopic to schedule an upgrade to Persystent Suite 6.2 at no cost.
Persystent Suite™ continues to redefine workspace transformation products with its proprietary and unique ability to automatically self-heal poorly performing PCs, maintain desired images, sanitize hard drives when necessary, ensure continuous compute availability, and now, properly distribute software. Its wide array of integrated capabilities and technological differences make a qualitative and measurable impact for multiple industries and companies of various sizes and scopes.

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