Strategic refresh supports workspace transformation, strengthens PC Lifecycle,

Change is constant. New technologies, new hardware, new processes occur with regularity, and it falls to IT to adapt and adopt. Between new applications, expiring warranties and shifting business priorities, the compute environment will completely turn over in 3 to 4 year cycles. But, it isn’t a one-time sea change. It’s a steady progression that typically replaces one-third of the computer population annually. Ultimately, the PC Refresh process is continuous. Persystent Suite is the automating agent which streamlines upgrades and refreshes and helps companies overcome cost, speed and complexity challenges associated with change.

Update ineffective or outdated processes and tools Promoting and enforcing best practices
To keep pace with evolving workspace transformation goals, companies face challenges to adjust strategic processes and manage infrastructure changes. Many of which directly impact the ability to increase profitability and gain a competitive advantage. When it’s time to invest in updated hardware, reinvent the infrastructure to incorporate significant industry updates, or simply make performance adjustments to the existing environment, a PC Refresh using Persystent Suite automation makes the transition faster, more seamless, less intrusive, and cost-effective.

  • Faster implementation of system or application updates
  • Ability to adapt to new policies, updated best practices
  • Incorporate legacy investments with cloud, hybrid
  • Aligns, modernizes, implements image for evolving needs


PC Refresh is an opportunity to homogenize, modernize and implement evolving business requirements. It also optimizes the means to achieve those goals. However, the PC Life Cycle Management process has become one of the more difficult functions to manage for IT organizations. With so many “moving parts,” often times the difficulty is aligning the strategy and applications with the policy and processes. We provide an end-to-end PC Refresh service that bridges the technology challenges, current strategic initiatives and future IT consumption models.

  • Enables creation, distribution of controlled ideal state
  • Reduces complexity and automates coordinated transitions
  • Realign with compliance needs, requirements
  • Applies changes to individual PCs, user groups or entire environment
Realignment towards compliance, achieving business goals
Moving to a new platform, OS version or hardware, software changes
In its simplest form, organizational alignment is lining up a business’ strategy with culture with resources. In reality, business interests and end-user demands often conflict. It’s often up to IT to find the best road to support the vision. This means ensuring the tools and resources follow corporate policies, compliance mandates, preferred workflows and other agreed best practices. PC Refresh or other upgrades provide the necessary infrastructure improvement and modernization to bring IT in alignment with  evolving requirements and goals. Persystent, simplifies all the “moving parts” of change by optimizing through proven and predictable automation. It incorporates legacy investments with cloud and hybrid aspects of an upgraded system. Based on your specific and unique needs, the Utopic team can advise, manage, train or conduct any or all of the PC Refresh process across your entire enterprise–from 1 to 10,000 PCs! Using Persystent Suite’s Zero-Touch capabilities, we streamline the change, upgrade or refresh initiative because the installation processes are fully automated. Persystent Suite™ enjoys an established track record of refreshing and optimizing hundreds of devices per day! Our process expertise supports a faster refresh, reduced downtime, a reliable and stable result, and one reducing the complexity and cost of future change.

Persystent Suite has a proven track record of refreshing and optimize hundreds of devices per day!

The Utopic Software team offers its unique and proven expertise to drive this initiative on your behalf. We’ve successfully guided larger and smaller enterprises to achieve workspace transformation through PC Refresh. Our PC Refresh service helps reduce time to market, minimizes the complexity of change management and limits support costs. We work with you to:

  • Meet budget and time line expectations: 100 PCs to 10,000s PCs
  • Design and deploy optimizations incorporating new process, technologies, requirements
  • Configure and deploying new image
  • Schedule, verify and validate resources, metrics
  • Hardware revision, reassignment or retirement

“This is more than theoretical next gen strategies. PCaaS is truly transforming our management of the infrastructure as well as fulfilling our user business requirements . “

The Utopic team can advise, manage, train or conduct any or all of the PC Refresh process across your entire enterprise:

  • Works within your strategic requirements, ensures cultural compatibility, and meet budget and time line expectations
  • Designs and deploys optimizations incorporating new process, technologies, requirements
  • Configures and deploys a new ideal image faster
  • Schedules, verifies and validates resources, metrics
  • Enables hardware reassignment/retirement
  • Leverages existing legacy investments, while integrating various EMM, MDM, VDI demands
  • Improves user satisfaction through performance upgrade/availability