Ensuring “zero-touch” really works!

Upgrading to a new operating system, specifically Windows 10, is a logistical and resource headache.  That’s because it’s disruptive, it impacts hardware purchasing decisions, it drains IT budgets, and siphons off hundreds of hours of IT staff time to ensure availability, integrity and compliance. Windows is sunsetting support for Windows 7 in less than 2 years, so the conversation on the best way forward must begin now. Persystent provides the framework to make the inevitable transition less burdensome.

Managing the many moving parts of migration
Shifting away from traditional PC management
With increasing complexity and many moving parts, migration is no longer as simple as porting over some applications and realigning profiles. With cloud, SaaS, MDM, enterprise mobile components, hyper-convergence, enhanced security protocols and other legacy and decentralized considerations, proper integration is difficult, time-intensive and costly without the benefit of automation. The automations contained in Persystent’s zero-touch approach do the heavy lifting during any forklift, and reduce the time and cost of integration, development and distribution. Windows 10 is considered to be a vast improvement on its predecessor. So a migration is meant to be an opportunity for organizations to rethink how they do approach their compute assets. This sea change allows Persystent to serve as the OS agent and streamline the delivery of user-ready devices. With a single click from a commerce portal, a fresh box with all the necessary policies, protocols, encryption, applications and infrastructure detail is prepared and ready for service. What was once days, is consolidated into hours or possibly even minutes.
Adopting new tools, processes, automations
Full automation of the PC and the Ideal Image
A typical IT support organization supports a minimum of four different operating environments, each with unique configurations, applications, services, and security protocols. The move to Win10 promotes a new seamlessness with which how Persystent delivers updated ideal images across the enterprise. The benefit of Persystent’s zero touch approach supports unified end point management and offers simpler application provisioning and increases the success rate of security updates and patches. Persystent’s transformative features create significant Total Economic Impact with regard to reduced costs, realized new efficiencies and alignment with the evolving lifecycle management supported in a Windows 10 migration. It drives continuous value throughout the lifecycle of the PC–from initial build to periodic updates to retirement. But it is Its zero-touch integration with key elements such as EMM, VDI, ITSM/ITIL, SCCM, and encryption platforms (i.e. BitLocker) which ease the transition into a more cost-effective, agile landscape.


Minimizing Impact, Maximizing Resources in coordinated OS Transitions

  • Imaging across the Internet. No need to send a technician or “black box” to sites.
  • Coordinated migration moment. All systems can be made ready for migration for a specific instant. All machines can migrate during the same 30 minute period on a particular date.
  • Less downtime. As file transfers occur in the background and actual migration does not initiate until all data is local (depending on hardware), full migration can result in as little as15 minutes downtime.
  • All existing data is backed up prior to migration. Often, after migration, improperly backed-up data is lost. Any data can always be retrieved from Persystent server.
  • Our new single-instance archival is more granular than any other solution…. this is especially important as it relates to compliance and security.
  • Handles every NTFS feature properly – including detection, resolution of circular references.