Enabling workspace transformation via automations

As more companies embrace workspace transformation as a means to enable end-user computing (EUC) initiatives or unified end-point management (UEM), our software deployment capability leverages Persystent’s innovative “zero-touch” technology to deploy any application reliably and consistently from one common framework. It allows IT to pre-configure the software and install, update or remove applications automatically on-demand, during the client-build process or post imaging. The feature supports the installation of multiple configurations which can be distributed against various groups and based on unique corporate rules.

Deploy, distribute applications faster, seamlessly Minimizing complexity, maximizing control
Considering the complexity of change and the interconnectedness of the contemporary infrastructure, the Persystent Suite™ software deployment feature allows you to distribute the same applications across legacy systems, virtual machines and other platforms.

  • Seamless install of MSI, EXE, Batch or PowerShell script files.
  • Silent installation (ISS) packages
  • Legacy, SaaS, cloud-based applications
  • Distribute applications to certain segments, groups or specific users
  • Manage applications from a single, centralized console
  • Execute pre/post scripts during install process
  • Application install histories and other reporting


Our unique zero-touch automations untangle the various dependencies, topologies and configurations required to effectively manage deployment tasks and enable workspace transformation initiatives. Additionally it removes error-prone manual labor in favor of automated, repeatable processes to ensure installations are complete and accurate. Persystent streamlines the delivery of applications for new user-ready devices or promotes optimization for new/existing applications during updates or version alignment.

  • Install approved application packages during client-build process
  • Install during post-imaging process
  • Standard, corporate desktop configuration or thin image
  • Version control for patches, updates, uninstalls
On-demand or ideal scheduled times
Supports your distribution or testing policies
Sometimes it’s just not convenient or advantageous to enact transformative change–potential productivity impact, load balance issues, staff bandwidth demands, etc. Persystent’s automations grant you the flexibility to choose the ideal time for application deployment or version optimization. Executed on-demand or programmed on your specific schedule, you choose which tasks to deploy and when. This helps avoid or minimizes outages, slowdown, or costly downtime.

  • On demand installation, update, and/or removal
  • Set schedule based on various factors ie: utilization percentages, network bandwidth, specific times
  • Install during the client-build process
  • Install during post-imaging
Application deployment is more than installing and releasing the software into the wild. Oftentimes it takes  various regimens for testing to ensure desired results. From how will it perform on the various platforms, hardware or environments, IT pros can apply various strategies:

  • Recreate:  Version A terminated then Version B rolled out
  • Canary: Version B released to subset, then proceed to full rollout.
  • Ramped: rolling update in stages where Version B replaces A
  • A/B testing: Version B released to subset with conditions.
  • Blue/Green Version B released alongside version A, then traffic switched to B
  • Shadow: Both versions live, not impacting another

Software deployment is an integrated component of Persystent Suite™